description[IM] 433Utils GPIO interrupt-less version (both RPi and nanoPi compatible)
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.Hacked from 433Utils by Dmitry Shalnoff for Interplay Mediumâ„¢ project.

433Utils, GPIO interrupt-less version

This s a fork of 433Utils adapted for NanoPi (and probably other no GPIO interrupt supported devices). This code inherit compatibility with RPi as well. The usage of GPIO interrupt can be switched on and off if required.

This collection of code designed to assist you in the connection and usage of RF 433MHz transmit and receive modules to/with your device. Despite the name, 433Utils also works with 315MHz transmit and receive modules (tested).


  1. nanoPi
  2. RF 433MHz modules; a transmitter and receiver


Install dependency if needed

You have to install WiringNP first (for RPi it is avaliable from oficial repository, so use apt install ...)

git clone
cd WiringNP/
git checkout nanopi-m1
chmod 755 build

Define macro-variables noInterrupts in rc-switch/RCSwitch.cpp if you woild like to disable interrupt handler.
NANOPI in xPi_utils/433rx if you wouls like to use non-interrupt handler (possible on PRi as well, conservatively reduces resource utilization)

Clone this repo and compile

cd 433Utils/xPi_utils  
make 433rx

Complex (all utils at once) compilation has not been tested yet. Something might not built or not work properly. Howver you could try:




./433rx -p <pin number> -l [Pulse length]

send (didn't tested with nanoPi)

sudo ./send systemCode unitCode command

This command is unaltered from the original rc_switch distribution.


sudo ./codesend decimalcode


Due to limitiations in the implementation of interrupt-driven routines in the underlying RCSwitch library, it is currently not possible to use both the send and receive functionality within the one program.

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